Image-IQ Survey

Introduction Video


This is a totally anonymous survey. The survey consists of thirty-two statements for you to indicate your answer by choosing one of these four levels of agreement:

O Strongly Disagree
O Disagree
O Agree
O Strongly Agree

  • Please select the first level of agreement that comes to mind.

  • You cannot skip statements!.

  • You must give a level of agreement for each one.

  • At the end of the survey you will be shown a graph with your results, you are encouraged to print this page for future reference.

By clicking the ACCEPT button below you indicate that:

"I agree that the anonymous data collected will be used for reporting on the survey. I accept the possible discomfort I may experience and welcome the opportunity to learn about my own ways of thinking about race, ethnic, language, and cultural diversity. Ways that for most people are unconscious and of which most are unaware".